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Ramon JimenezThe Philippines has a new Tourism chief who believes that the Bureau needs a “real insight into the market place”. Advertising executive Ramon Jimenez, who is now the country's Tourism chief, said tourism is an area of excellence for the Philippines.

Mr. Jimenez  got his appointment confirmation from China, as announced by President Benigno Aquino III  to Malacañang reporters in a press conference aired live on radio and television, last August 31, the day which was the last day of outgoing secretary Lim.

Ramon “Mon” Jimenez, an advertising executive, said he would “galvanize the DoT [Department of Tourism] into an honest to goodness selling unit whose “ultimate goal” would be “not only to improve statistics but also ensure that the endeavor would be fulfilling and profitable for Filipinos”. He said that the Philippines, with its picturesque destinations, should be “as easy to sell as Chickenjoy”, referring to a food item on the menu of a popular Filipino food chain. Jimenez an account executive said that he intended to take off from where his predecessor Alberto Lim had left off – mount a campaign that was “truly progressive and aggressive”.

Jimenez is the founder and president of marketing and media consultancy agency Winning Over Obstacles (WOO) Communications Corp., was part of the President's election campaign in 2010. He is also one of the founders of ad agencies Jimenez & Partners, Jimenez D’Arcy and Publicis JimenezBasic.

He graduated Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines.

Congratulations from the Indian community. We look forward to “Visa on Arrival” for Indian nationals. Filipinos have this privilege in India.

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