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Most forms are in PDF format and the size is 8.5" x 11" approx.

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» Indians can now apply in advance for Pre-approved VISA on Arrival
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Immigration News

» Indefinite visa launched for investors
» IMMI launches FREE legal services to foreigners
Taiwan exempts PH from visa requirements, Indians too
26 Foreigners including Indians are taken their oath as FILIPINO CITIZENS
Immigration open 3 New offices in Metro Manila 68TH B.I. ANNIVERSARY
Philippine Immigration Bureau introduces “LONG TERM” VISA for foreigners.
Permanent Residence Status now being implemented but only for Chinese Nationals, Indian Nationals to follow next
» Libanan introduces VIMS: Visa Issuance Made Easy
» Immigration now opens up more VISA facilities for Indians
» Indians encouraged to apply for Filipino citizenship
» Four Indian nationals take their oath as Filipino Citizens.
Indian Chamber hosts dinner for Philippine Amb. to India H.E. F.L. BENEDICTO
Indian Embassy shorten VISA Approval Time
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APEC Business Card
» Tourist Visas for Indians now available at Philippine consulates
» Immigration Memo RMA 2007-21
» Visa Requirements
» Indian Visa Fees


»Overstaying Foreigners in the Philippines to get upto 75% Discount on Immigration Fees and penalties.
» PH Government launches SVEG VISA. Beneficial to all foreigners.
26 Foreigners including Indians are taken their oath as Filipino Citizens
Immigration open 3 new offices in Metro Manila; 68TH B.I. Anniversary a Great success at Intramuros
Philippine Immigration Bureau to Introduce “Long Term” VISA for foreigners.
Permanent Residence Status now being implemented but only for Chinese Nationals, Indian Nationals to follow next
» Commissioner Libanan introduces VIMS: Visa Issuance Made Easy
» Immigration now opens up more VISA facilities for Indian Nationals
» Indians encouraged to apply for Filipino citizenship
» Immigration Memo RMA 2007-21



Foreign nationals seeking to work, do business, and/or invest in the Philippines may apply for work authorization and or the appropriate visa provide under the Philippine Immigration Act, as amended (Commonwealth Act. No. 603) or some other special law.


Temporary Visitor or Tourist Visas
Generally, a foreign tourist may enter the Philippines without need of securing visa from the foreign embassy or consulate (called the no-visa entry privilege under Executive Order No. 408) provided he presents an onward ticket. Said tourist is normally allowed an initial stay of 21 days. (Although holders of Hong Kong-SAR passports may stay an initial seven days. If the tourist is a holder of a (Hong Kong) Certificate of Identity (C. I.), he is required to secure a tourist visa before entering the Philippines. If the tourist secures a temporary visitor's visa from the Philippine embassy or consulate abroad, he is generally given an initial stay of 59 days. (Although People's Republic of China (PROC) and Hong Kong SAR passport holders may be given shorter periods.)

Working/Employment Visa
The PIA provides for three types of work authorization visas:

Pre-Arranged Employment Visa
An alien who will be occupying an executive, technical, managerial , or highly confidential position in a company for at least one year, but not to exceed five years, may apply for a pre-arranged employment visa under Sec. 9 (g) of the Philippine Immigration Act.


1. Letter request from the petitioner-organization.
2. General Application Form duly accomplished and notarized (BI from RBR 98-01)
3. 2x2 picture to be attached to the application form.
4. Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, SEC Certificate of Registration of petitioner, if a corporation; or DTI Certificate of Registration of Business Name and application for Certificate of Registration of Business Name duly accomplished and received by the DTI, in case of single proprietorship.
5. Alien Employment Permit (AEP) from the Department of Labor and Employment.
6. Income Tax Return and proof of payment of taxes by the petitioner.
7. Contract or agreement entered into for applicant's service stating term or service and exact compensation and other benefits to be received.
8. Bio-data of applicant.
9. Affidavit of support and guarantee executed by the petitioner in favor of the applicant.
10. Certificate by Human resource Director/Personnel Officer as to the number of foreign national employed by the petitioner.
11.True copy of the applicant's passport showing admission status and updated stay.
12. Other supporting documents, which will aid in the evaluation of the application.
13. If the applicant will be accomplished by his/her spouse and minor unmarried children under 21 years of age.
14. Marriage Contract and/or Birth Certificates of dependent spouse and children.
15, True copies of passport of the spouse and minor, unmarried children.


1. The positioning company must sufficiently establish, by obtaining an AEP from the DOLE, that no person can be found in the Philippines, willing and competent to perform the labor and service for which the alien is hired and that the admission of the alien will be beneficial to the public interest. the BI will not approve an application for a 9 (g) visa until such permit has been secured.
2. Pending the approval of the application for a 9(g) visa, even if alien is already secured an AEP, the employee may apply for a Provisional Permit to Work (PPW), which is normally valid for a period of three months from the date of issuance.
3. The entire process of obtaining a 9(g) visa takes about two to eight weeks. Applications of proposed employees of BOI and PEZA registered companies as well as those working with the TOp 1000 corporations are given priority.
4. 9(g) visas are valid for the duration of the AEP or the employment contract, whichever is shorter.
5. 9(g) visas issued to dependents are co-terminus with the duration of the visa of the principal.

Other types of work authorization
As an adjunct to a regular employment or business visa, a temporary visitor or tourist may secure a Special Work Permit (SWWP) or Provisional Permit to Work (PPW).

Special Work Permit.
An alien who enters the Philippines on a tourist visa and intends to engage in a professional or commercial undertaking not considered purely local employment, amy apply for a special work permit (SWP). Among those qualified to apply for SWP'a are:
1. Professional athletes competing only for a limited period;
2. Aliens of distinguished merit and ability entering to perform exceptional temporary services, but having no contract of pre-arranged employment; and
3. Artist and other performers, who wish to perform in a country when the audience pays for the performance;
a. aliens coming primarily to perform a non-competitive temporary service or to take non-competitive training who would be classified as temporary workers or industrial trainees;
b. aliens authorized to search for hidden treasure;
c. movie and television crews filming in the country; and
d. foreign journalists pursuing their profession in the country.

1. Letter of request from the Petitioner Company
2. Photocopy of SEC registration, Articles of Incorporation, and By-Laws of the COmpany
3. Affidavit of Support of the petitioner company
4. Certified true copy company of contract specifying exact compensation to be earned.
5. Photocopy of passport with valid visa
6. Bio-data
7. Income Tax return of the COmpany

Provisional Permit To Work
Aliens who have contracts of employment with local entitles and in whose favor petitions for regular work visas (e.g. treaty trader of pre-arranged employment visas under Sections 9 (d) of the Philippines Immigration Act) have been filed by their employer, may be issued PPW's pending the issuance of them to their regular work visas.

1. Letter of request from the Petitioner Company
2. Bio-data of alien
3. Photocopy of passport with valid visa
4. Stamped received copy of the application for a regular work visa (i.e. treaty trader or pre-arranged employment)
5. Income Tax return of the Company
6. Contract of Employment/Certificate of Employment
7. Alien Employment Permit (AEP) issued by the Department of Labor and Employment, if available.

Special Non-immigrant visa under Section 47 (a) (2) of the Philippine Immigration Act
This visa is issued upon approval of the Secretary of justice (Formerly the President) on public interest or public policy considerations. Examples of industries invested with public interest are companies engaged in oil exploration, power generation, and infrastructure, and those registered with the PEZA and BOI.

Requirements of BOI:
1. BOI Application form
2. Understudy Information Sheet, Designation of Understudy and Understudy Training Program.
3. Secretary's Certificate (for elective officers)
4. Organization Chart, Bio-data of the expatriate.
. Duly signed undertaking
6. Passport (photo copies)
7. Affidavit of Support (if dependent (s) is/are joining)

Requirements of PEZA:
1. Company's Letter of Request to PEZA
2. Secretary's Certificate/Certificate of Employment Service Contract
3. Photocopy of Passport of Applicant
4. Bio-data of the Applicant

Requirements of DOJ:
1. DOJ Application form
2. BOI/PEZA Certificate of Registration its terms and conditions
3. Passport (photocopies)
4. Secretary's Certificate (for elective officers) or Contract of Employment (for non-elective)
5. Original affidavit of support (if dependent (s) is/are joining)
6. Marriage Contract if husband/wife is joining
7. Birth Certificate/s of children if joining

1. The proposal employer applies with the appropriate government agency (e.g. BOI, PEZA, Department of Agriculture) for authority to employ an alien.
2. The appropriate government agency endorses the application to the Department of Justice (DOJ).
4. This visa is generally valid from an initial period of one year and is renewable from year to year.




Visa Requirements
Indian Visa Fees
Additional Visa Requirements
Information Regarding Indian Customs
Registration Formalities For Foreign Nationals
Important Web Sites


General Requirements

  • Fill up the prescribed application form and attach two pieces passport size picture.
  • Present passport with photo copy valid at least within six months.
  • Attach Return Ticket or Airline computer printout with ticket numbers.
  • Please provide a photocopy of original documents.

For Information

  • Validity of the visa starts from the date of issue unless specifically endorsed, the visa is not valid for restricted or protected areas.
  • Extension of tourist visa is not allowed. Change of purpose of visit is not permitted.



Other Nationality

Other Nationality


1 Year Visa

Long Term (For person of Indian origin)
Transfer of Visa
Expedite Fee
(For Filipino National Only)

Acceptance of Application
Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 12 nn
We do not accept 1996 Dollar Series.









Transit Visa (For Joining Vessels)
Tourist Visa
Business Visa
Long Term Visa
Student Visa
Transit Visa to Others
Government of India Arrival (Disembarkation) Card For Indian Nationals

Transit Visa (For Joining Vessels)

  • Seaman's book with photocopy.
  • Contact of employment with photocopy.
  • Sponsorship letter from India.
  • Guarantee letter from the local company.

Tourist Visa

  • Passport valid up to six months.
  • Air ticket or booking confirmation.

Business Visa

  • Invitation letter from India.
  • Original sponsorship letter or employment certificates from the local company.

Long Term Visa

  • Marriage certificate (Married to an Indian National)
  • Birth Certificate (Indian Nationals)
  • Passport copy of Indian national

Student Visa

  • Admission letter from the recognized Educational Institution of India.
  • Satisfactory evidence of financial support
  • Passport of sufficient validity to cover period of studied.

Transit Visa To Others

  • Passport valid up to six months.
  • Confirmed ticket for onward journey.


  • Contract of employment (original with photocopy)
  • Letter from the employer justifying the appointment of foreigner.


  • Two days processing for Filipino nationals, please apply two days before your departure.
  • For other nationalities, please apply one week before your departure.

Government of India Arrival (Disembarkation) Card For Indian Nationals

  • Retain Disembarkation Card with you.
  • Surrender it to Indian Immigration Authorities when you arrive/return to India. This will facilitate immigration clearance.


  1. Indian Customs require you to declare goods in excess of free allowance, prohibited or restricted goods and commercial goods at Red Channel counter. Export or import of narcotic drugs, wildlife and its product, commercial goods, and arms and ammunition are prohibited/restricted. Attempt to export or import these goods can lead to penal consequences, including arrest.
  2. Free allowance for residents and tourists of Indian origin is normally Rs 25, 000/ - per passenger, including alcohol, liquor or wine of two liters, and 200 nos. of cigarettes. However, this free allowance is lower for passengers arriving from Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and China and for children less than 10 years of age. One laptop computer(notebook computer) imported as baggage into India by a passenger of the age 18 years or above (other than member of the crew) is exempted from the duty of the Customs.
  3. All tourists can import used personal effects e.g. laptop, palmtop computer, reasonable jewelry, free of duty if they are to re-export these items at the time of departure. Tourists of foreign origin can also import duty free gifts and souvenirs worth Rs. 8 000.
  4. Passengers should declare foreign currency in the currency declaration form if currency notes, bank notes, or TC's are in excess of US$10 000 or equivalent, and in case of currency notes, only these are to be declared if the same are in excess of US$5 000 or equivalent.


  1. If you were entering India on a Student, Employment, Research of Missionary visa, which is valid for more than 180 days, you re required to register with the Foreigners Registration Officer whose jurisdiction you propose to stay. This should be done within 14 days of arrival in India, irrespective of your actual period of stay.
  2. Foreigners visiting India on any other category of long term visa that is valid for more than 180 days, are not required to register themselves if their actual stay does not exceed 180 days on each visit. If such a foreigner intends to stay in India for more than 180 days during a particular visit, he/she should get registered within 180 days of arrival in India.
  3. The following categories of foreign nationals are exempted form registration:
    a) Those visiting in India on any short term visa i.e. valid for 180 days or less.
    b) Children below 16 years of age (irrespective of any type of visa).
  4. Pakistan nationals are required to register within seven days of their arrival in India.


  1. Ministry of Home Affairs
  2. Ministry of Tourism
  3. Airport Authority of India
  4. Bureau of Immigration

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