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The ISKCON Sri Sri Radha-Madhava Center, a new religious landmark in Manila Philippines-India Business & Community GuideThe Sri Sri Radha-Madhava Center was opened on August 17, 2006. Since then, thousands of devotees have come and had the Merciful and enchanting Darshan of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava. The Radha-Madhava Deities are four feet tall, and came to
Manila all the way from Jaipur (India) last year, to cast Their loving look at the manila devotees. Attached are a few pictures of Their Darshan.

The center is located right in the heart of Makati, at 9105 Banuyo Street, Kamagong, San Antonio Village.

If you would like to visit and get Darshan, following are the timings:
Morning 4.30 a.m. Arati and Darshan. The next Darshan opens at 8 a.m. and is open until 12.30 p.m. There is an Arati at 12 noon. In the evening the Darshan opens at 4.30 p.m...........Arati is at 6.30 p.m..........and Darshan is open until 8.30 p.m.

Iskcon Sri Sri Radha Madhava Center offers the following services:
Havans, Vedic Wedings, House /Office Blessings, Painting Of Deities, Hair cutting ( Munar Ceremony),
Designing of Altars, Food For Life, Devotional Paintings, House Bhajans / Kirtans

If you would like to find out more details, you may call us at 8963357 or 8901947. You can look for Prabhu Mathura dasa or for Mother Radhalila Devi Dasi.
Hare Krishna !

Charity / Community Service Philippines-India Business & Community GuideFilipinos are a very charitable people. In the Philippines or overseas, Filipino hearts melt at the sight of the desperate and the poor. This is one of the strongest links that connects the Indians and the Filipinos, since Indians are also charitable.Here is a brief activity of Indian charities in the Philippines.

» Mahaveer Foundation. Artificial leg or limb anyone? It's free, it's lightweight, and it is a new "life". Mahaveer Foundation of the Philippines is doing a great job in the Philippines. Mr. and Mrs. V.R. Mehta gave their and soul to this project in the '90s.. It was a tough social assignment. First, to convince the recipient that this is not a religious donation. Then the fact that the quality is good. Third, to find the right cooperating hospitals and doctors. Fourth, to find the right suppliers to develop this at a reasonable cost. Sixth is to find donors. All that however, is water under the bridge.

The Indian conglomerate Aditya Birla Group of Companies, through their local company the Indo Phil Group, has been the prime mover behind this project. It has served thousands and thousands of FIlipinos and continuously strives to do so under the leadership of V.K. Maloo and the Mahaveer board of Directors.

» Indian Ladies Club. Comprising mostly Sindhi Ladies, this club has been a permanent fixture in charity circles. It sponsors the "Sai School" located at Pililia, Rizal Province. Education and moral values are taught to close to 50 children, who otherwise would have been deprived of education.

» Khalsa Diwan/Indian Sikh Temple It is a common sight to see lots of people, mostly street dwellers or beggars, being provided nutritious and healthy food outside the premises of of Khalsa Diwan. During emergencies such as floods, or other natural disasters, they spring into action and give donations. The sheer numbers of Punjabis in the Philippines makes possible the big donations that Khalsa Diwan provides.

» Seva Foundation P.I.S.F. gives free reading and graded glasses, as well as free cataract operations. It's "Food for Life" program in cooperation with "Hare Rama Hare Krishna" temple of the Philippines, provides hot and nutritious food to the street dwellers of Manila. Its most outstanding project, "Blanket At 4 a.m." is a yearly and much-awaited program that gives out blankets during the cold mornings of December. Many beneficiaries are surprised to see a blanket on top of them when they wake up. And for some of them, that blanket could be the costliest possession they might ever have in their life.

Founded in 1991, under the inspiring dedication of 15 incorporators, Seva Foundation growth will continue to inspire more charities and more donations. They also publish the Indian Community magazine Samachar. The other news magazine in the Indian community is Dateline India, published by G.D. Singh.

» Hindu Temple of Manila
The Hindu Temple of Manila, located on Mahatma Gandhi Street, moved to its new permanent location in 1981. Even prior to that, it has been doing lots of charity projects such as collecting old clothes and distributing them during floods and thypoons. It provides support on a regular basis to Philippine General Hospital, the most popular hospital for the poor and the needy.

» Merry Maidens Club
The MMC is a group of young Indian girls, and membership is lost upon getting married. They have special charity projects for specific causes, specific beneficiaries and during special events. Their projects have been going on for many years now.

» Other Donors It is not possible to mention here all the groups and individuals. It is important to note that the general perception of Indians as charitable persons is a common knowledge. Many have long-time and faithful employees clearly indicating that "charity has began at home".

God bless all the donors.

Indians in the Philippines Philippines-India Business & Community Guide

Indian weekends. Government offices in the Philippines are open from Monday to Friday. while private office work up to Saturday. Schools and Colleges are mostly up to Friday. This leaves practically two days for the Indians of the Philippines to enjoy the weekend.

The government recently has been promoting "holiday Economics". It is basically switching of legal holidays with fixed dates to either Monday of Friday if the holiday falls on a weekday. This gives everyone a chance to have a three-day weekend to tour the domestic sites of the Philippines. Thus, a Tuesday legal holiday is advanced on Monday, thereby making Tuesday a working day instead of Monday. A Thursday holiday becomes a Friday holiday while the "Holiday" Thursday becomes a "working" Thursday. Wednesday decisions are up to the government.

Each year, the four days of "Holy Week" are practically a one-week holiday. Christmas and New Year are also inclined to have more special holidays declared by the government.

So what do the Indians do here?
The students would just "chill out", get up late, lunch, chat with friends on the Internet, or just watch a movie or a TV program at home. Night-time means a group dinner, bar hopping, and finally ending up at Bollywood or Prince of Jaipur, Indian restaurants which feature live performances of Indian DJ's (Disc Jockeys) or even belly-dancing. Bowling, "go-karting", group "movies" are other favorite of the teens.

Praying. The "Gurdwaras" numbering about 227 in the Philippines draw lots of worshippers during the weekends. The "Khalsa Diwan" (Indian Sikh Temple) located on U.N. Avenue in Manila draws easily about 500 Punjabis and worshippers every Sundays.

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