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This is the name of the upcoming Filipino movie which centers on Indian families in the Philippines
Remember the movie “ The King and I” starring Nora Aunor and Sajid Khan, which was the one and only Filipino Indian joint movie production somewhere in the 70’s.

The next movie is in the pre-production stage and is being by undertaken by Philippines based “UFO Productions”, an independent film production company. This will be a full length film and would premiere somewhere in July 2008 in Manila.

UFO productions were given a grant to produce this film, upon being awarded as one of the ten finalists in the latest Cinemalaya Film Festival. This company has produced such films as “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros”, “Sarongbanggi” and “Endo”. This company was built by five young screenwriters. Individually they had written some of the most commercially and successfully Filipino films in the last decade.

The story revolves around an Indian family staying in the Philippines, with the father doing financing business and the son, who was born in the Philippines, dislikes the father’s business and hence is looking for greener pastures in Canada. A twist of love, unexpected turn of conditions, and the children struggle between being an Indian and a Filipino, will make this movie an interesting one.

Do you want to join them as an actor or actress? Then email them at
1434456 is an unique name and the movie promises to be one. 143 means I LOVE YOU, 44 means VERY MUCH and 56 means “5-6”, the slang word for Indians doing financing business in the Philippines.

Our best wishes.

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